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“Spoonface Steinberg”

4-month experimental group research - deepening into the acting method of Oneness Act. Based on Lee’s Hall play “Spoonface Steinberg".


Directing - Tutoring: Marina Kalogirou

...In the world everything is divided - everything divided one from the other one, from the many - from the mother and from the father - there is day and night and black and white and all these things but in the very beginning and in the end - everything will not be divided and there will be no me or you - there will be no this or that, no little puppy dogs or anything, there will only be that everything is the same - and every moment is forever - and it will shine and it will be everything and nothing - and that is all there is to know - that all of us will end up being one - and that is nothing - and it is endless. 

                                                                                                                                           "Spoonface Steinberg"

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