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                                       Oneness Act Performing Method

My foundation is my connection to the source. The source is where the primordial material lies, and my connection with the text proceeds from there. It creates the right resonance, the mode of expression, the rhythm. It also creates the timbre of my voice and the physicality of my body. As long as you are connected to the source you are free to allow its flow to guide you without interjecting your own decisions. The ego is absorbed and internal space grows as long as you remain connected. Each time the mind resists, breath and the vibrations of pleasure lead us back to the source.

Meditation is the means through which we can cleanse the space and guide ourselves to the source. It is the way to remain connected again and again as we do our work.

To each mental denial, I answer a “yes” and deepen even more. Instead of escaping my obstacles, I find my exit in a return, in a surrender, in a deepening.

There I remain connected, and from there arises ecstasy — freedom from myself, and a connection to something infinitely greater than my self. There I lose control and I surrender to the flow of existence, which guides me to where I must be. All dimensions disappear in my connection to the source. Existential love exists in this place, and in this place I can manifest with absolute certainty the knowledge that I am one with everything else. There is no separation. I live in unity with myself, with the text, with the role, with the space, with the audience. At this moment “all things” are in power. What I am, what I do, or better, what is happening to me, are all experienced and shared in an act of unity that the audience receives in an immediate, organic way, without the interference of the mind.

                                                                                                                                      Marina Kalogirou

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