Oneness Act was ready to blossom... in our hearts...

In collaboration with "Youca theater", we did our first experiment of using meditation as our main vehicle for our rehearsal process. "The Dream" was the result of our dream... It was a magic celebration "dancing" in the old town of Chania, a beautiful site-specific performance as a confirmation for a new start: 
Oneness Act's starting point to explore Unity, connecting performance art and the art of meditation. 


Vivid Street Theatre - Uplifting Art - Poetry - Real Life


"We wish to create art that will uplift the human soul. Both during the process of our creation, and through the outcome that will be shared with our audience. Through this project, we aim to lift the spirit of our audience to a higher level. To re-inspire a better way of living, and to celebrate the life we can create through connection - as opposed to separation. We want to use different spaces around the city, to create ‘poetic real-life’ situations, that will be portrayed through dynamics between the actors, the use of music and dance as well as a soft and inviting interaction with the audience. We want our audiences to walk through a movie, which inspires a conscious celebration of life."

 2019 - Old Town of Chania - Crete


Conception - Creation: Archontissa Kokotsaki & Marina Kalogirou

Direction: George Karamolegos 
Production: Youca Theater


What the press said about us: To Vima