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Mystery 140 Blind Guide


An inclusive artistic work for people with and without visual disabilities, directed by Pavlos Pavlidis, inviting all visitors to take part with their eyes closed in a surreal, almost associative and exclusively acoustic journey to the place where the Eleusinian Mysteries were performed.

«Just because sight is lost does not mean that man is lost» said the first blind guide, Theodore Konstas, to whom the performance is dedicated.

The Mystery 140 Blind Guide starts when the natural light slowly fades. The blind tour guide Eleni Gkouvatsou’s perspective on space, time, dimensions, distances and life, gives new meaning not only to the view of the Elefsina Archaeological Site, but also to the viewers’ sense of the ordinary.

Giving vitality to stories from the past and present and as a living Mystery, the performance, like an acoustic tour, leads the audience on a dark but at the same time deeply luminous journey to Hades.

Few words about the Blind Guide

In April 2014 the qualification “Guide in museums and archaeological sites (People with visual or hearing impairments)” was added to the 4th IEK of Special Education in Agia Paraskevi, starting its pilot operation.

It is now deactivated. In October 2018, Theodore Konstas, the first blind tour guide worldwide, proposed to actress Marina Kalogirou to create a performance – tour in an archaeological site of the country, since despite completing his studies as a blind tour guide, he could not legally practice his profession and make his dream come true. The cultural organisations he contacted did not cooperate with his request. In April 2020, Theodore died.


Mystery 140 Blind Guide is inspired by the story of Theodore Konstas, representing a poetical performance – at the same time a realistic proposal for a new way of employment and inclusion for people with disabilities. A representative example is the profession of a tour guide in a country like Greece, with a number of world-renowned archaeological sites.

Dirtector’s Note

Inspired by the Eleusinian Mysteries and by the emotional effort of Theodore Konstas to become the world’s first blind guide in museums and archaeological sites, we explore the “moment” when the lack gives birth to imagination and the man tries to defeat death with life, seeking light through darkness. The scene does not exist. As in the dreams of a congenitally blind man. Through music, soundscapes and stories – real or not – we visit the Underworld and, by paying a tribute to our loved ones who have died, we try to accept the fact that we must live on.

Under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

With the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, the Lighthouse of the Blind of Greece
& the Antonis & Ioannis Angelikous Foundation



Ditected & with dramaturgy by: Pavlos Pavlidis
Concept development – Artistic design: Marina Kalogirou
Original music composition: Gary Salomon
Blind guide – Narrator: Eleni Gkouvatsou
Assistant Director: Anthi Founta
Line Production: Elena Ntosa
Production Execution: Vicky Barboka
Production: Oneness Act
Photography: Nikos Koustenis
Performers: Eleni Gkouvatsou, Marina Kalogirou, Anthi Founta, Gary Salomon
A production by the 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture

What the press said about us: , Athinorama , news24/ ,

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