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Marina Kalogirou | Actress & Artistic Director

I was born in Athens in 1978. I have lived in various places around the world and currently, my base is in Chania, Crete. I have always had a great passion for theater ever since I can remember myself. I started experimenting at a very young age and took my first professional steps when I was 17 years old in two TV movies and one TV series. At the age of 18, I received a dance teacher's diploma from the ISTD Academy in London and began my studies at the drama school of the "Contemporary Theater of Athens" directed by Giorgos Kimoulis. From 1996 until today I have been working as an actor while the most valuable collaboration has been the two years with Theodoros Terzopoulos at the Attis theater. I have starred in 11 films (with three nominations and one award for best actress) in collaboration with directors such as Panos Karkanevatos (Well kept secrets - Athanasia), Panos Koutras (Real Life), Yiannis Smaragdis (Kazantzakis), Stathis Athanasiou (Dos), Christoforos Papakaliatis (What if) and more. I was also fortunate to collaborate with important directors on television such as, Kostas Koutsomytis and Reina Eskenazi with whom we completed three television series, with our favorite being the: "The Last Performance" – the life of Elli Lampeti. 2005 was when I started my meditation training journey and eight years later, after the immersion in the practices of different spiritual teachings, I created an acting teaching method which I have been teaching in drama schools, seminars and private courses. I have been involved in music, various forms of dances, photography and the writing of texts and scripts. In 2018 I co-created the sight-specific performance "The Dream" and in 2021 I directed "Nobody | a small remembrance" short film.

Since the spring of 2019, I have created the cultural organization Oneness Act with the aim of producing artistic, educational, spiritual and humanitarian projects. I am delighted when involved with people who wish to bring love and joy to the world through their art.

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