Marina Kalogirou | Actress & Creator

She was born in Athens in 1978. She lived in many places around the world and now she lives in Chania - Crete.

Studied at the Contemporary Theatre of Athens and the I.S.T.D. Dance Academy of London. Since 1996 she has been working as an actress, with the “Attis Theatre” of Theodoros Terzopoulos, the “National Theatre” and “Theatro Technis” being the most significant influence in her journey.

She starred in 11 films (with three nominees and one award for the best leading actress) and many tv series while being a writer of a variety of material including scripts. She is a facilitator and meditation instructor of the therapeutic system "From Separation to Unity" and active meditations. In 2013 she created an acting method, which she teaches in drama schools and seminars for actors. Moreover, she collaborates as a creative director organising various events and festivals. In 2018 she inspired and co-directed the site-specific performance “The Dream”, and in 2020 she directed the play “Spoonface Steinberg” which was never presented on stage, and in 2021 she directed her first short film "Nobody".

In the spring of 2019, she created the Conscious Creative Community “Oneness Act” together with Nikos Koustenis, Elena Ntosa and Kaifi Iraklis Kokologiannis with a vision to create artistic, educational, spiritual, and humanitarian projects.

For more info visit: www.marinakalogirou.com