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                                                                                                            "Convict" by Konstantinos Theotokis
                                                                                                                      Theatrical performance

A performance starring Body, Voice, and Literature. A performance that aims to remind that only these are enough for the actor to continue to be an actor, to continue to be a man, to continue the natural flow of things. This is our response to the demands of the pandemic caused by Covid-19. Digital mediation is possible, but it is not enough. Simplification and the original return to Body, Voice, and Essence are what we will try to underline through this performance.

The performance was played in the spring of 2019 with great success, directed by Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou and a troupe of 6 actors, starring George Papandreou and Marina Kalogirou. Due to the important audience appeal, we decided to recreate an adaptation that will involve four actors and focus on the open space. In other words, to create a suitcase show (without scenes), which will be flexible to play and adapt to all the ever-changing conditions.

The new adaptation that we propose for "Convict" is specially designed, on the one hand, for the open-public space, and on the other hand, for the possibility to travel and play in embassies, universities, schools, libraries, festivals, theaters, and cultural institutions around the world. A theatrical performance that aims to reach out to all communities of Greeks around the world and to remind the importance of Greek Literature. To remind the warmth of the mother language and to eliminate the emotional distance through the traditional music and the traditional song. EllinikoTheatro is going to be our supporter and companion, as a cultural organization that aims to serve as an innovative carrier of cultural diplomacy, expanding the temporal, spatial, and social boundaries of Hellenic Theatre.

                                                                                                            Direction: Vasilis Maurogeorgiou 
                                                                                                         Artistic Direction: Marina Kalogirou
                                                                                              Actors: Marina Kalogirou, George Papandreou  
                                                                                                                    Production: Oneness Act

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