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The Municipality of Alimos, wanting to support our struggle to remain strong and optimistic during the Covid-14 era, adapts its cultural program "Life is beautiful" to the new conditions and invites the public to discover new possibilities and sources of beauty, recreation and inner harmony by participating and interacting in the proposals of the digital cultural program "e-life is beautiful".


This program aims to give the citizens of Alimos an opportunity to escape from the forced limitation of this period and to discover new and alternative ways of contact with art, knowledge and human within us.


The aim is to remind us what we took for granted and to cultivate the spirit, the soul and the body, along with amusement and pleasure. Now, it is the moment that we can all by staying at home create the conditions for our own ideal world and be ready, when this adventure is over, to claim it all together more united, essentially creative and overall human.


New hobbies, alternative dinners with friends and family who are far away, theatrical performances from the comfort of our sofa, guided tours of museums and archeological sites around the world, charitable activities, lectures and training seminars - workshops and much more will invite the audience to experiment and entertain in new ways.

Conception - Creation - 
Implementation: Elena Ntosa

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