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Creation of Big Bang High School 


Can anyone know what professions will exist 20 years from now? Can anyone know whether next winter COVID-19 will or will not be replaced by a new challenge? Can anyone know whether diversity will continue being hounded, or not? Can anyone know what our children will define as Culture 10 years from now?

Imagine a school where kids learn through a joyous exploration of nature, unconventional field trips and adventures. Imagine a school where kids are exhorted to free their creativity. Learn how to learn better! Imagine a school that is an integral part of both local and global communities. Imagine a school where the parents are also students.


The Big Bang Primary School started being built in the winter of 2019, and in September of the same year, it went into successful operation. Today, more than ever, we recognize the need for social contribution through education, which we believe is the only answer to an unpredictable future, and this is why we are feverishly proceeding with the creation of the Big Bang High School and its operation by September 2023 in Athens!

The creation of the first high school of natural education in Greece. A major portion of the school revenue will be directed to selecting teachers from all over the country, who are trained to educate through a better understanding of the natural world, while the largest amount will be earmarked for scholarships, so that any child of any means and from any part of Greece deserving or longing for this kind of school to be able to attend it.

This is not a vision for an elite private school but rather for an enlightened institution committed to preparing world citizens for a new, freer, better-informed society.

The need for a pioneering education stems from the need for a social transformation. A new person comes into the world gifted with a set of infinite possibilities, but so far our educational systems have obstructed and limited these possibilities to what is demanded by the social imperatives of each era. Is it the time for society to get defined by the infinite possibilities of these new beings? Should we let them save us?

More information can be found in our presentation, while you can get a taste of our educational philosophy on Big Bang School TV.

Voluntary Support of the Big Bang's educational vision
& Project Management: Oneness Act
(Marina Kalogirou, Elena Ntosa, Eleni Vaiou Serelea)

What the press said about us: Mega-TVI-efimerida, Lifo, InfoKids, Enallaktiki Drasi, InfoWoman

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