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Art-Act for Unity
March 2022
Aid for Ukraine

We live in an era where we don't know where to look to find out life and truth. We cannot give answers, but whatever the question is, we say that we like to see deeply into Man, the one who is determined by the effort to remain dignified, to rejoice in the present, and to hope for the future.

No one should be deprived of the basic needs of freedom and security.
Art, which always suffers in times of crisis, aimed, aims and will aim to elevate the soul and the mind, to provide a way out when words and deeds are hindered.

We invite you to reunite all the hands and eyes which create and see the beauty, to help the humanitarian organizations: "The Other Human" & "Doctors of the World" to accomplish their social work close to or into the battlefield.

Art-Act for Unity @artact_for_unity invites 30 entries for works (photos, paintings, vases, ceramics), which will be published on Instagram and Facebook page.
Purpose: the distribution and sending of the works by the creators themselves to recipients throughout Greece, with a proof of deposit of the corresponding amount directly to an account of one of the two organizations.

An artist creates, a recipient receives the work and together we support the humanitarian work.

We set a fixed minimum amount, of course with a free contribution:
- Photos: 50 euros
- Paintings: 100 euros
- Pottery / ceramics: 50 euros

Subject: Unity / Peace

Deadline for sending your art piece: Sunday 06/03/22 until Friday 11/03/22 at email:, with the necessary accompanying information: Type of print (dimensions, paper, material), title (if any), frame (if any).
From 13/3 the works will start to be published on the pages of @artact_for_unity
Request hours and messages: 20:00 - 22:00 daily

Let us try, each one in his own way, to support the person beside us.

Art-Act for Unity
Oneness Act

Daphne Aslanidou
Efi Panagoula
Mady Lykeridou
Marina Kalogirou

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